Details of the industry activities

 Making the shipment statistics
 Making Japanese Industrial Standards Committee(JIS) original bill of related products.
 Promote Standardization.
 Subcommittee meeting activities of Technical department.
 Holding an Adhesive Technical research society.
 Holding an Adhesive Technical course.
 Interchange and cooperation with related organizations of inside and outside.
 Holding the interchange event.

 Making the shipment statistics
-The monthly shipmentstatistics of member.
-By months, by seasons, by year.

  Making Japanese Industrial Standards Committee(JIS) original bill of related products.
Japan Adhesive Tape ManufacturersAssociation (Abbreviation JATMA)is the organization that makesand amends JIS original billabout adhesive tape, and takescharge of 16 JIS now.

  Promoteactivities for Standardization

We are promoting Standardizationto new use of adhesive tape asmain activities of Technical sectionand Standards committee.
Description in detail, evaluatethe performance depend on use,and consider Standardization.After enforce Standardization,
We consider organization standardand make them JIS.

 Subcommitteemeeting activities of Technicalsection

In the case that technical problemhappen in Technical department,correspond it by making Subcommitteemeeting start.
-Airtightwaterproof tape Subcommittee meeting:,
Enact the standard of Architectureexterior waterproof tape, way ofevaluation test.
-VOC deletionSubcommittee meeting:
Reports amount used and atmosphericemissions of VOC to Ministry ofEconomy, Trade and
Industry everyyear as an Independence management organization for the purpose of delete
-JAMP guidancepromotion Subcommittee meeting: Makes guidance about adhesive tape,sheet for making reports aboutREACH, RoHS related
specific chemical.

 Holding an Adhesive Technical research society.

  1. Holding an Adhesive Technicalresearch society
  2. Holding an Adhesive Technicalcourse
  3. Holding an Adhesive TechnicalIntroductory course.

 Interchangeand cooperation with related organizationsof inside and outside.
  1. Interchangewith foreign ManufacturersAssociation.
    -PSTC(PresususureSensitive AdhesiveTape Council)
    Visit to United States every year, mainly, correspondence for internationalization of
    standard, lecture meeting and taking lectures etc each other at the Technical Seminar.
    -AFERA(Association des Fabricants Europeens de Rubans Auto-Adhesifs)
    -TAAT(Taiwan Regional Association of Adhesive Tape Manufactures)
    -CATIA(China Adhesives and Tape Industry Association)
    -GTF(Global Tape Forum)
    First GTF meeting was held in United States Orlando in May 2009. Subsequently, it is held
    once in two years in each country.
    PSTC, AFERA, TAAT, CATIA, JATMA participate it, and they discuss about standard, market
    and environment of adhesive tape at the global level.

  2. Interchangeand Social gathering with industry
    (Interchange place)

    -New Year reception(Heldin January)
    (Interchange destinationor organization)
    -Ministry of Economy,Trade and industry ManufacturingIndustries Bureau,
    -Ministry of Economy,Trade and industry IndustrialTechnologyand
    Environment Bureau, Environmentand Life Promotion Office
    -(An incorporated foundation)JapaneseStandards Association StandardDivision
    -All Japan PackingMaterial Association
    -Tokyo Packing MaterialCommerce Cooperative Society
    -(Corporation) JapanPacking Institute
    -Japan Adhesive IndustryAssociation

    -Holding AdhesiveTechnical research society, Informationexchange meeting
    It is held in the evening of the first day of Adhesive Technical research society.
    Interchange meeting by Engineers in the industry, sales staff, lecturer,
    member of the Japan Adhesive Tape Manufacturers Association Technical section.
    (It's held roughly in October)

    -NTG meeting (Golf competition is held for member and supporting member canmake
    It's held twice a year.